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What Is CEREC Same-Day Dentistry?

Until recently, dental restorations demanded at least two dental visits: the first visit was necessary to take physical dental impressions, and the second was scheduled after the permanent crown returned from the dental lab. Founding dentist Dr. Carmen Leary is now pleased to offer CEREC technology for one-visit restorations. CEREC (short for ceramic reconstruction) uses computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) equipment to create the restoration at our office while you wait. Leary Family Dentistry uses the CEREC system to generate custom crowns (caps). This revolutionary system allows you to bypass the hassle and time of physical impressions and temporary covers. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Leary at her office in Charlotte, NC to learn more about CEREC technology.

Is Same-Day Dentistry Right For Me?

Same-day restorations by CEREC at Leary Family Dentistry allow you to complete your treatment for a dental crown in just one visit. With CEREC's innovative technology, you can avoid multiple trips to the dentist's office, messy dental impressions, and temporary crown placement. CEREC restorations can also be beneficial when you have an emergency, such as a cracked tooth or a pre-existing crown that needs immediate repair.

What to Expect With CEREC

Your CEREC treatment will begin with a consultation where Dr. Leary will craft your unique treatment plan. Dr. Leary will take an electronic scan of your mouth and will upload the specifics of your custom crown into the CEREC system. The amount of time required to create your restoration will depend on its dimensions. Once the crown is finished, Dr. Leary can complete and polish the item before placing it in position in your mouth. She may then adjust the restoration so it's more comfortable and blends with your natural teeth.

Follow-Up After Same-Day Dentistry

Once your CEREC restoration is complete, it's essential for you to keep up a good at-home dental hygiene routine. You also need to schedule yearly dental exams and twice-yearly dental cleanings at our office in Charlotte, NC. At every appointment, Dr. Leary can examine your crown and make any necessary repairs or alterations to help keep your teeth healthy for as long as possible. If cared for properly, CEREC restorations can last for many years.

Is Same-Day Dentistry Covered By My Insurance?

Same-day dental restorations are often partially covered by dental insurance. Someone from our administrative office will contact your insurance company to ascertain your coverage and potential out-of-pocket costs. If you do not have dental insurance, Dr. Leary can discuss the multiple payment methods we accept at Leary Family Dentistry, including low- or no-interest medical financing.

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CEREC Same-Day Dentistry

Leary Family Dentistry in Charlotte, NC knows that your time is valuable and that making multiple trips for follow-ups isn't easy. That's why our patients love the convenience of CEREC one-visit restorations. Without compromising quality, Dr. Leary can finish your treatment in one appointment with a custom ceramic crown. Contact Leary Family Dentistry today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Leary and find out more about CEREC one-visit restorations.

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