Meet Our Team

5 Team Members
  • Meet Carmen Leary, D.D.S.

    Meet Carmen Leary, D.D.S.

    Founding Dentist

    Dr. Carmen Leary founded Leary Family Dentistry in 2008 and is an experienced and respected family dental practitioner in the Charlotte, NC area.

  • Meet Our Associate Dentists

    Meet Our Associate Dentists

    Our Dental Team

    Introducing Our Associate Dentists: Meet the skilled professionals who complement our team, including our owner/dentist and associate dentist.

  • Meet Our Dental Hygienists

    Meet Our Dental Hygienists

    Dental Hygienists

    Dental hygienists are trained to perform your biannual dental cleanings, apply fluoride and sealants, and alert your dentist to any dental issues.

  • Meet Our Dental Assistants

    Meet Our Dental Assistants

    Dental Assistants

    Dental assistants help our dentists and dental hygienists attend patients by booking appointments, taking x-rays, and assisting in dental procedures.

  • Meet Our Administrative Staff

    Meet Our Administrative Staff

    Our administrative team keeps everything operational at Leary Family Dentistry by scheduling appointments, keeping records, and greeting patients.