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Teeth Whitening Services

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The best solutions are often the simplest ones. Imagine being able to boost your confidence and self-esteem in less than hour. Imagine being prouder of your smile than ever before, and imagine the joy of smiling without inhibition. With Leary Family Dentistry’s professional teeth whitening services, you will be able to feel great about your smile in no time!

Why choose a professional whitening service?

You may have seen teeth whitening products sold in supermarkets and other stores. They often come in mouthwashes or toothpastes, and they claim to make your smile noticeably brighter in just a few weeks. However, there are many problems and mistruths with these claims.

Cheap products that are sold in stores will often times do little to truly whiten your teeth. They may help a small amount by removing recent coffee stains, but they will do nothing to deeply whiten your teeth the way a professional can.

The most detrimental aspect of these products is their ingredients. Often times, these cheap products use harsh enamel-removing substances to literally scrape away the stains. This is a major problem as enamel helps to protect you from cavities and future stains.

At Leary Family Dentistry, we are able to methodically whiten your teeth with safe medical-grade ingredients. This allows the treatment to be both safe and effective. Plus, it often takes less than an hour!

What is the treatment?

Leary Family Dentistry uses the patented Opalescence Boost to help treat your teeth effectively and quickly. This in-office treatment is ideal for those wishing to periodically whiten their teeth and for those desiring a touch-up before a big night on the town. Another major benefit is that it uses safe ingredients that whiten and protect your teeth.

Many dentists still use harsh lights to brighten teeth, but this can be discomforting and it does nothing to protect your teeth in the future. Opalescence Boost using potassium nitrate and fluoride, two ingredients that also strengthen and protect enamel, in order to gently whiten your teeth. Your dentist will apply the treatment so that it covers your teeth completely and evenly. After the procedure, you will have perfectly whitened teeth with the added bonus of reduced sensitivity and enamel protection!

What if I don’t have time for the procedure?

In these hectic modern times, it can be difficult finding the time to do nearly anything outside of schedule. Luckily, Leary Family Dentistry offers an at-home treatment that you can apply yourself! This allows you to whiten only when it perfectly fits your schedule, and you will never have to worry about time constrictions again.

You will receive a pre-filled tray that fits comfortably inside of your mouth. Utilizing the same Opalescence Boost ingredients as the in-office procedure, you will be able to whiten and protect your teeth on your own time. We will map out a simple schedule that will work with your time constraints and goals for your teeth.

Whitening your teeth has never been simpler or more effective. Whether you wish to professional whiten your teeth in-office or at home, you will be guaranteed a brighter smile while strengthening your teeth. Contact Leary Family Dentistry today to get started!