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End of the year, use it or lose it

It’s the end of the year and insurance benefits will be resetting soon. As a reminder if you have treatment you have put on hold, now may be a good time to schedule an appointment to maximize your insurance benefits and use any remaining flex account dollars you may have. Call us today to schedule …



(Always celebrated yearly on February 28 and August 22) The Tooth Fairy is known as a collector of “baby” teeth. When children lose a “baby” tooth, the tradition in many households is for children to place it under their pillows at night, and while they sleep the Tooth Fairy comes to retrieve it, usually leaving …


THE BATTLE OF THE TOOTHBRUSHES: Electric vs. Manual … Which is Better?

For generations, we have all brushed our teeth using the standard manual toothbrushes that are available at the dentist’s office or local drug stores. Manual toothbrushes help us to accomplish the daily task of keeping our teeth clean. In comparison, the vibrations of an electric toothbrush thoroughly removes plaque and stains with less effort.  So …


What Are The Benefits of Fluoride?

The impact of fluoride on oral health has been heavily researched for more than 60 years. Current research evidence supports that the use of fluoride as an ingredient in community water sources, toothpastes, mouth-rinses, and in-office varnish treatments can lower the occurrence of cavities in adults and children. FLUORIDATED WATER Drinking fluoridated water can reduce …