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Diet and Snacking Guide

Helpful Tips to get Kids on Board with Healthy Snacks

It’s easier to get kids on the right track with healthy eating habits started early on, but by getting creative and mixing up snacks, older kids can still get on board as well. Avoiding processed sugar and limiting times for sweets should be the main goal, and it is up to you to make this part of your everyday routine.

Tips to try

Introduce new treats gradually and don’t push it. With food in general, your kids are still sorting out what they like and don’t like, so if they don’t like the first healthy alternative (or fifth, or sixth!) keep trying until you find healthy snacks everyone enjoys.

Think about healthy snacks that you like already. You can incorporate these now, since your kids are familiar with these and won’t think you are trying to drastically change things. That being said, treats aren’t completely off of the menu. Dessert after dinner is optimal since teeth brushing and flossing – part of the getting-ready-for-bed routine – will follow dessert!

Setting an example

As a parent, you are a guide and teacher. Instilling healthy eating habits is a part of this. Get buy-in from older children. If you have your older child or children on board, then younger ones will be more apt to try and like new healthy snacks. If you have an only child, remember he or she looks up to you, and the healthier everyone eats in your home, the more acceptance you will get.

Try to prepare more meals at home if you have an on-the-go family. Take-out, delivery and restaurant options may have more sugar or processed content then you realize. You’ll have better luck if you have control of what comes into your kitchen. You can pick up healthy options at the store of the foods your kids already enjoy, like juices and frozen yogurt.

Foods to try/Foods to Avoid

Some of these might seem obvious, others might not. Fruits and veggies are a must. Incorporate these into everyday meals so they are simply a part of mealtime.

If snacks look fun, kids are more apt to give it a try. Mixing in fruit with yogurt and oatmeal is a great way to sweeten foods naturally. Smoothies you make at home are better to control sugar content, and real fruits are being used.

Processed juices sound healthy, but should be avoided. Many foods in chain restaurants and locations might sounds healthy, but can have hidden sugars. Be careful with smoothies, frozen yogurt and any processed fruit-based options. These may not be a healthy as you think, so do your research.

Snacks for healthy teeth should go hand-in-hand with the overall healthy diet of your child. The habits they learn now will last a lifetime!

With proper snacking habits and regular dental check-ups, your children can maintain a healthy, beautiful smile. Visit our online form to schedule an appointment today, or simply call us – (704) 394-3109